RWBB 3 Global Premiere!!!

Chicago Invite

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Awards for “Red White Black & Blue”


Best Documentary (Idyllwild Cinemafest)
Best Feature Film (Raglan Arts Film Festival Awards)
Rising Star Award (Canada International Film Festival)
Best Documentary Film Editing (Amsterdam Film Festival)

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Best Documentary (San Diego Black Film Festival)
Best New Zealand Documentary (Documentary Edge Festival)
Best Diaspora Documentary (Africa Movie Academy Awards)

Also check out Lost and Found in China. The second in the series, soon to be released on DVD.

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Praise for Red, White, Black & Blue

“… a very intimate and personal story…”  Marshall Smith – Idyllwild Town Crier

“Director / Editor James Brown weaves each character’s arc and plot, by going back and forth between our journey in New Zealand and the journey of each kid and what their life is like back home”  LA Weekly – Must see films this week

“Best Rugby Movie I’ve Seen… Director James Brown tells the story from opposing angles. On one hand, he tries to dispel some of the negative stereotypes and stigmas associated with South Central and young African Americans, while also revealing the intimate, unique conflicts the characters of the film deal with in their personal lives.  Pat Clifton – Rugbymag

“This mythbusting documentary aims to prove perceptions of the area are far from the truth…”  ‘Top Ten Doc Edge Films to Seek Out’ – Flicks

“For the rugby fans (and non-fans) … a fascinating, emotional and uplifting film that shows the power of sport to bring together people from such disparate backgrounds, and it can bring a tear to the eye of even the most jaded audience member. Not me though; I just got a speck of dust under my contact lens.”  Ryan McNeely – Bootleg Film Festival Edinburgh

“James uses the two teams’ journey to New Zealand to explore the personal growth that each player experiences through their commitment to the sport and to each other.”  David Edginton – United States Embassy

“The documentary covers the drama of what happens on the field but also what happens off it as the teenagers negotiate the universal struggles of growing up.”  Frances Morton – Metro