Red White Black & Blue 3

This year follows the student athletes on a tour to the UK and France, to face their toughest opponents yet.

It is the third year we have followed some of these players, and we are seeing them take on leadership roles. Struggles with their past and apprehensions about their futures test the players personally.

Culminating the experiences of the previous years, this instalment is a strongly emotional peak in the series, and reflects the intensity of these teenager’s experience. It is at once a universal story of adolescence and a range of unique stories about outstanding individuals.

Particularly interesting in this film is the growth of Nia, the big hope for the 2016 Olympics, who charged onto the scene in Lost & Found in China. Nia faces inward and outward challenges in this film. Big opportunities on the field hang in the balance, while it is her weaknesses off the field she will have to overcome.

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