Red White Black & Blue II

As the new year begins, “Lost & Found in China”,┬áthe sequel to “Red, White, Black & Blue” is complete and about to go on the festival circuit. It follows the student rugby players to China and finishes at the Hong Kong Sevens. Our crew Anton Leach, Matty Warmington and David Green traveled to China for two weeks and filmed, followed by a shoot in Los Angeles. The coach Stuart Krohn becomes a much bigger character in this film. Anton, our Field Director in China decided to dig deep into Stuart’s past during the tour and got some very intimate material. As a film maker and just as a man, the power of a physically large and vocal alpha male revealing his vulnerability in a film always affects me strongly. And because Stuart is already such a enthusiastic part of the creation of these films he dug deep into video and photo archives to build on the stories he tells of his journeys, his challenges and passions. After 6 months of on-and-off editing juggling other projects (including a baby) and some very tough feedback sessions (which as an editor working alone I value highly) we are signed off and delivered, ready for festivals this year. The film has already made Official Selection for PAFF, SLOIFF and Idyllwild Cinema Fest.

Also, Red White Black & Blue is available in DVD and online now for a donation to the ICEF Rugby club.

Wishing you all the best, and a happy new year.

James Brown. Director.